What is Viral Side Media?

Viral Side Media is a digital marketing firm that harnesses the powers of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Branding and more to expand the reach of your business while using personalized business metrics to reach your target market.

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Here at Viral Side Media we want to make sure we are a good fit for your company. We have you fill out a brief questionnaire and we do an analysis to determine in what areas we can help your business find success. There is zero obligation to sign up for our services during this process and it is truly free of charge. 

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Our Services

Social Media Management

 Social Media is the current incarnation of the term word of mouth marketing. You want people to talk about your business or product? Well, you better be a Social Media Ninja. Luckily, we have a team of Social Media Ninjas that will get people talking for you.

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Brand Management

Your brand is who you are. Here at Viral Side Media we take great care in understanding who you are and what you want to be as a business. We work with you in creating and maintaining your perfect brand.

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Creating Ad Campaigns

Businesses are no longer beholden to the old ways of blindly throwing your information out there and hoping some of it sticks. Now we can actually target your desired audience at very low cost and retrieve detailed information that will track your return on the investment.

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Marketing Analysis

With over 30 years of combined experience, we know how to read marketing data. We also know how to use it to our advantage. We can do the same for you and your business.

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Content Development

Our team understands the importance of original content. We create everything from company logos to original blogs for clients.  And we do it all in house.

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Search Engine Optimization

Keeping your website optimized for search engines can be a daunting task. It tends to me more of an art form than a logical equation. We have the experience needed to keep your business afloat in the murky waters of SEO.

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social media

By The Numbers……

Social Media is the new incarnation of how information spreads through word of mouth. Everything that has ever gone viral has done so through social media. There are even people out there that have made their social media accounts into a profession and the really good ones are making millions off their profiles. Take a quick look at some of the facts below……..


As we’ve seen with recent, significant political campaigns,Twitter can be great place to get your message across. Twitter offers opportunities to find trends in your industry. you can easily find relevant conversations and really get familiar with how to offer your specialty to the market. Twitter is a powerful tool to help keep your business up to date and nobody understands this platform better than Viral Side Media.


Instagram has recently gained a lot of traction and we see it a sa “highlighter” platform. Instagram has taken a lot of attention away from other platforms and studies have shown that people are far more likely to like,comment, share, a brand type post. Instagram is a fantastic place to tell your brand story one image at time because it’s very easy to engage your consumers with visual stimulation. We at Viral Side are putting a great deal of attention towards Instagram and we know how to implement the opportunities for your business as well.


Facebook is the all encompassing platform. We use it as a multi-tool. Facebook offers all types of of opportunities to engage with existing or future customers through video, audio and other visual components.Most everyone in America has Facebook and there is plenty of attention from practically all age groups. Facebook is the most well understood platform but its often misused. It’s all about getting the attention of your actual customer base and we are experts at it. Let Viral Side Media go to work to get that attention on you.

youtube and more

YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity for your business by offering a place for you to create content that can be very detailed.Everything from product reviews to tutorials, you can give customers valuable information about your product or service here. YouTube is a great way to engage existing customers and could even offer another revenue generator for your business.

313 million

Twitter users

1.86 billion

Facebook users

400 million

instagram users

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Viral Side Media was brought in to handle the social media campaign for our Laser Tapper game. They did such a fantastic job we brought them in to redesign our website and they knocked it out of the park!”


Indie Developers Game studio
creators of laser tapper for android

“It can be difficult as a small business owner to manage social media while being a manager, sales person and so on. After Viral Side Media took over my social media I not only felt relieved immediately, I also saw a huge jump in followers.”

Silvia Ferrando

CEO @ The Botanic Boutique

Our Core Team

Dan Cammack

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan Cammack has served in many leadership and management positions in his professional career. He has a passion for taking on projects and realizing their potential. His vision for Viral Side Media is for it to be a source of great benefit to the people we work with everyday.He is committed to the highest level of service one can possibly give to every single person he meets, both personally and professionally.

Jordan Eckland

Co-Founder & COO

Jordan Eckland helped build a service-based company from the ground up, and managed daily operations for over 10 years. Mr. Eckland is responsible for the day to day leadership and general operations of Viral Side Media.

Malishya jensen

Client Specialist

Malishya Jensen is our, detail oriented, client support specialist with over 6 year experience. She puts our clients’ best interests first…. and that is why she is the best.

Bryan RAines

VP of Design & Tech

With over 10 years experience in graphic design, social media marketing, campaign management, website design and SEO…. This guy is legit.. and busy…. (but not too busy to draw a self portrait instead of just submitting a photo like everyone else did.)

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