In the Beginning

First off, we should point out, this company was conceived and formed in 2-3 days. It all happened so fast, we just kind of all decided together, on our first Skype call as a group, that we were going all in. We began executing ideas and creating a business model and it seemed like everything fell in to place effortlessly.  Viral Side Media is a truly organic company started by four people who had never really considered working together just weeks before we launched.  All we are is a group of people who made a decision to build a future and to never look back. We are four individuals who decided in less than a week’s time, that we would take on the task of building a “do or die” business from the ground up.



The Vision

Our vision is simple. We will use the leverage of social media to even the playing field in marketing. We are bringing back the neighborhood market in a world of superstores. No more are the days of television commercial domination. We remember when you were forced to memorized every TV commercial because they were so overplayed. It was brainwash marketing and it worked but those days are dead! Now, the little local provider has the same power to reach their customers at the same rate the big guys do. Corporate America is losing money to the smart entrepreneurs and influencers. Success is becoming more and more probable solely because of social media. The problem is that businesses either don’t fully understand how, or they don’t have enough time to diligently represent themselves 100%.  Ultimately, we hope to be the catalyst that can link as much opportunity as possible with our clients. Our success lies in the success of our customers and that will always drive us to keep our clients best interests our top priority.