May 12, 2017 Viral Blog 0

Viral Blog #2: The Last Blockbuster

In our previous Viral Blog, we spoke about the Black Riffle Coffee Company’s mastery of being yourself on social media.This time around, we decided we were going to cover the true underdog story of…….


This may end up being one of the more interesting topics we will ever cover. The reason being, this Blockbuster has almost completely relied on Twitter to stay relevant. They are the perfect example of how social media not only improves business, but how it can even save a business from the brink of becoming obsolete. 

It’s almost unbelievable that a completely outdated business model can survive solely based off its clever ability to engage an audience on social media.

The Last Blockbuster has done an amazing job of diving into a culture and creating a highly supportive following. They have used comedy and creativity to captivate their audience. Go look for yourself, @loneblockbuster is hilarious and people cling to almost every post. They receive incredible engagement on their content. We believe, in the business world, this is one of the more interesting Twitter accounts on the entire platform.

With all types of movies and other entertainment available at our fingertips, it’s quite interesting that The Last Blockbuster not only is open and doing business, but also retains 80k+ followers on Twitter.  For us, this story is even more incredible because not only is the business an underdog, so is the platform that they have chosen to focus on. Twitter itself has received criticism recently because it has lost a lot of ground as a mainstream social network. However, we love this story because it proves that Twitter is still very powerful. The Data behind Twitter is astounding and if you knew what @loneblockbuster knew, you wouldn’t ignore the opportunity here.


Blockbuster has used Twitter exactly as it should be used. To give a voice to a movement that may not existed otherwise. They aren’t the only ones doing it, just look at the 2016 elections for further proof. Blockbuster has found a way to get people to care about the well being of the business whether or not they would ever even rent a movie from Blockbuster. They’ve done a great job of engaging those who remember what it was like to go to Blockbuster every Friday night. They’ve also gained followers by making fun of the fact that there are younger people who have never

stepped inside of a place like Blockbuster. Either way, it’s working. Now, those followers have a relationship with this business that almost forces them to care. The Last Blockbuster uses its own situation to pull comedy from and they even poke fun at themselves, which has paid off quite well for them. For a Blockbuster to stay open in the world of Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, to us, proves that social media truly is the leveler of all playing fields.


So… what’s the point? Well, in a nutshell, you’re probably missing out on Twitter. We see it all the time. Businesses who have tried Twitter and either done it half baked, or have given up very early on because of the idea that Instagram and Facebook are more rewarding. Twitter is power house in social media; start using it and try like hell to be half as good as @loneblockbuster at engaging your audience. The fact is, there is still plenty of attention on Twitter and you should not scoff at it. But, is it worth all that work to reach a few thousand people though? The answer is a resounding yes. Every time you start to question that, go look at The Last Blockbuster and remind yourself what you’re missing out on.

The message that we want to drive home is that this is really just marketing 101. Find where the attention is, grab as much of it as possible and funnel it. Blockbuster has proven that Twitter is a powerful tool to build a solid brand. When it comes to building a following on social media, brand is everything. It’s what makes people care about your product or service. We don’t go out and buy a Nike product because it’s the very best stuff or because it’s the cheapest. We buy it because the market has bought into it and the brand is globally recognized and accepted. And, no matter what you think, the market is always right. Start listening! No matter what you do, no matter what you sell, social media remains the most cost effective way to reach your audience. Don’t let your business be a wallflower in the social scene of life and always remember… Stay viral my friends.