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Wow! This is an exciting opportunity we have here. Actually, what an exciting time we live in! Right now, as I am putting thoughts on paper, there are entrepreneurs who are seriously crushing it on social media. The reason why that’s so exciting, is because it represents an era of Entrepreneurial success. Everyone who has seriously looked at starting a company knows, that the failure rate for new small businesses is staggering. However, we believe those numbers represent a past that doesn’t exist anymore. Ten years ago, if you couldn’t find a way to get your product into big box stores, you didn’t have tons of opportunity to market yourself. television ads have been expensive for a long time now. Before the internet and social media took over, finding customers was pretty tough. Most of us remember a time when the internet itself was considered a fad. Now, your mobile device can basically run your entire life based off of the internet. We are living through a huge shift in technology. The mobile device is the new T.V. and the T.V. now the radio.

The great news for small businesses and startups is clear. Social media has leveled the playing field. If you are smart, you realize that social media is your PR agent. It is the only place that you can grab attention with efficiency in this day and age. If your businesses are anti-social, you’re in deep shit. There are companies who have gone pot committed on social media, and they are winning big. This blog will cover some of those companies in the coming weeks. We will showcase people who have used their company to create some of the most viral content on the web. We are in the age of opportunity right now; every single company has the key to the major networks. It is up to you to make the best content for those networks in order to own your piece of the incredible attention that is being focused on social media, and funnel it to yourself or your business.

 “We are living through a huge shift in technology. The mobile device is the new T.V. and the T.V. now the radio.”

This series will focus on companies who have used social media as their main source of marketing. In this era of entrepreneurial hope, a clear picture has been developed and it has created two very different sides of the coin. It is exciting, because there is potential for every startup or entrepreneur to become successful. At the same time there is also a supply and demand problem. There is more than enough good quality content on almost every subject on the Internet, and it can be very difficult to stand out. There are plenty of instances where individuals or businesses are being lost in the noise. On the other side, there are those who have found a way to draw attention to their craft. The only real difference is some have figured out how to deliver value to their audience through the best qualities of themselves. Not everyone was meant to be on video, to be a writer, or to be a salesman. Most who have found success, have found it from doing nothing more than focusing on the strengths of their personalities. Not everybody will be successful based off their natural looks. Not everyone will be fantastic at being hilarious on their video content. The game, as someone who is trying to grow their influence, is to become the best director of content that would be interesting to other people. Even if you are not sure how to make yourself, your product, or your service interesting.

One way people hurt their image and lose their following, is they don’t realize is that their content does not always need to be a gateway to a transaction. People hate to be bombarded with sales pitches. In other words, you may post content that would do nothing more than be interesting to the consumer. People use social media to consume the content that they choose, so, you need to figure out how to be very good at being interesting so that you can attract people to follow you. That way, when you do have something to offer, you will have a larger audience to offer it to. Our first example in this blog series will do a fantastic job of proving this point. Stay tuned as we show you how some have managed to live on the Viral Side.