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The first company we decided to follow was Black Rifle Coffee Company. We love what BRCC brings to the table but not for the reasons you may think. This example is not a “by the book” marketing campaign in anyway and by no means are we suggesting that this is the best type of marketing or that this is the type of marketing you should use. What we are suggesting, is that you find a way to engage your audience by simply being yourself and doing what you do best. This company does a very good job of using their personalities to make the brand popular. The popularity of the product itself, is a by-product. If this company had existed fifteen years ago they would’ve had a difficult time using this type of marketing. It probably wouldn’t have been offered in in any type of big box store because their advertising can be very polarizing. If you go and read the comments on some of their most popular videos and photos, you’ll come across class A haters. There are people who have taken it upon themselves to bring forth political agendas or to attack BRCC’s motives. We love the unapologetic style and the value system behind BRCC but not everyone agrees. WHO CARES!



This company has a mission statement to honor veterans and to hire them as  employees. This is focused marketing to attract like-minded followers. What we love about Black Rifle Coffee Company is that they pay no attention to the people who don’t align with their image. It’s so easy in this day and age for people to become crippled by negativity. Everybody has their opinions and a lot of people are happy to post their negative opinion about you or your image. Those who have the ability to focus on the people that do align with their message and do not care about anybody else’s opinion, are the ones who are successful on social media. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, you’re going to have people who either disagree or simply don’t align with your message. It is part of the game when it comes to putting yourself in the spotlight. it’s time for people to get over the fear of people not liking you. The goal is to focus on the folks who you can provide value to and forget the rest. Where people are missing out is that they aren’t deploying the best parts of themselves or their brand. They see that someone has done well with making funny videos and they automatically assume that its the only way.

“You find a way to engage your audience by

simply being yourself and doing what you do best.”


Have you ever watched somebody on video who is very awkward? Not everyone is meant to be on camera. Just the same as not everyone is meant to be a singer. We’ve all seen the embarrassing moments of people trying to make their appearance on talent shows who simply have no musical talent whatsoever. Your social media is very similar to a talent show. You’re trying to win people over with the best parts of your personality. We see a lot of people who get very focused on creating comedy in their content but they don’t really understand how. A lot of people think that you need to be an experienced stand-up comedian to be funny on social media and that’s just not true. The second problem that people face is that they focus too much on their product or service. People grow tired of the same old sales pitch type of posts and they are rarely effective, unless, they are backed by strong branding and connection to the desired audience. Do you think BRCC would be nearly as successful if every post was just pictures and prices of their products? We think not. BRCC has gone all in on their brand and it has payed off. It usually does pay off if you can get over the fear of others’ opinions.


We do believe that comedy is probably the best way to gain retention in the marketing world. Black Rifle Coffee Company does a fantastic job of using comedy mixed with an image of bad assery that obviously appeals to a specific audience. They are not worried about stealing customers from Folgers. They are focused on their own image and creating a very dedicated following who would probably buy BRCC products even if they sucked. (we will definitely try their coffee, we’ve heard good things) We didn’t pick BRCC as our first feature because they have the absolute best marketing on social media, we picked them because they do a very good job of proving a point. They have used their image to create a very interesting brand. Everyone has the opportunity to be noticed and we really want to drive the message that people need to focus on what their strengths are and waste no time doing things that are not going to align with their image or their brand. We wish BRCC the best of luck and we hope our readers can find value in observing BRCC’s methods and relate this message to your journey of going Viral.

To find out more about Black Rifle Coffee Company visit their site at https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/.